March 2007

I shoulda known YouTube would have Young Fresh Fellows videos… not that I actually knew any Young Fresh Fellows videos even existed.

Like their cover of “Picture Book” by the Kinks from This One’s For the Ladies. (In the video, everyone plays drums; on the CD sleeve, everyone is pictured with a drum kit and listed as playing “lead guitar.”)


fellows1.jpgIn the first of a fully self-indulgent multi-part series on bands that meant a lot to me in my formative years, here’s a look at one of the more obscure awesome ones, The Young Fresh Fellows.

(I probably should’ve started with The Replacements, who are kind of my Beatles/Stones. But I was ripping CDs this fine evening and found my Fellows stash. So the ‘Mats will have to wait, which seems appropriate. And I’d probably have to think more than I want to about how I feel about Don’t Tell a Soul.)

So, “who’s The Young Fresh Fellows?” you say? YFF is a Seattle band led by the inimitable Scott McCaughey. They got their start in the early 80s and have released a dozen or so records in the last 20 years. (more…)

Google AdSense is pretty funny. (more…)

The Red Sox did the right thing moving Jonathan Papelbon back to the bullpen. While it’s true a starter has more value than a reliever, the Red Sox already have a solid core of starters with Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka, and Wakefield. It’s already too right-handed, and there’s no guarantee that Papelbon could dominate hitters as a starter like he did as a reliever. (Seriously, .78 WHIP, 0.92 ERA? Those numbers are as good or better than Mariano Rivera during some of his peak seasons.) (more…)

I did an e-mail interview with GameDaily’s Media Coverage, which can be found here. Some of my original responses were a lot longer. (more…)

300.jpg300 is one of the gayest movies ever made, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s about a bunch of sweaty, half-naked steroidal men fighting an enormous army led by a drag queen who sports all manner of body piercings and a giant codpiece.

It’s also a videogame, full of in-engine, 360-degree spins and pre-rendered backgrounds. Gamers may reflexively reach for their mouse, keyboard, or gamepad to reposition the camera for maximum viewing impact. It shares with games an obsession/fetishization with cool violence, cheesy macho posturing, and an adolescent view of sexuality. (Most women are useless unless they’re lesbians, in which case they’re awesome! The oracle has nipples that could cut glass!)

It’s a giant comic book… oh, wait, that’s intentional. Never mind, then. (more…)

So, I’m unemployed. I haven’t not had some sort of job—part-time or otherwise—since I was 15.

I’m also on the dole, collecting all sorts of mad unemployment cash. The Socialist State of Vermont lets you do everything via the phone and the Intarweb, which is pretty convenient. Of course I’m only getting about 30% of my salary, which means it’ll pay for rent… well, most of my rent, at least.

Here’s the great myth: The cost of living in Vermont is low. That may be true if you want to own a house in the boonies, but for us city folk, we make less money and pay rents that are about the equal of a place like Seattle. Single apartments go for about $900/month in lovely Burlington; I’ll probably have to move if I don’t find some work soon.

Of course I’ll probably have to move, regardless. I was kind of ready for this a year or so ago; today, not so much. Back then, I was being proactive about moving. I didn’t want to be forced into doing it.