October 2007

Red SockAnother anti-climatic ending to a pretty exciting playoff… well, AL playoff, at least.

The Red Sox/Rockies wasn’t much of a contest on paper, or on the field. The Sox, Indians, and Yankees were the three best teams in baseball, and I’d probably take odds on the injured Angels beating any NL team this year. The AL is just that much better right now.

I think I said, “Sox in 6” to people that asked, but I really figured 5 at most. And I’m glad it finished today, since I was running out of excuses to leave work early to see the 5PM-start games.

Since no player really stood out above all others (other than Josh Beckett for his impossible post-season), Mike Lowell was a good choice for MVP since he managed to pick up big hits when it mattered. And he has an amazing goatee.

(Now the Sox have to decide whether to sign Lowell to a 3-4 year contract, which would be an easier decision without A-rod opting out and the Sox flush with cash. Yikes.)

So yeah, Schilling probably walks. Crisp gets traded so Ellsbury gets the CF job. Ortiz has successful knee surgery and comes back stronger (and possibly fatter). They toy with trading Manny. Again. (And that would definitely happen if they were somehow able to sign A-rod.)

As a sidenote, as good as A-rod is, is it worth tying him up for all of his decline years, despite the fact that an in-decline A-rod will likely be better than everyone else in the league? I know I wouldn’t be the one trying to figure out the value in a $30 million/year contract.

Episode Two

I never update my blog because I’m lazy.

I have, however, been playing some games in the last few weeks. After Bioshock, I mucked around with Medal of Honor: Airborne, but put it aside after an hour or so. I find it exhausting to play for some reason.

In the last couple of weeks (or days), I blasted through the single-player Halo 3 and both solo parts of The Orange Box on the PC. (I also joined GameFly so I can play more 360 games without actually buying them. And I’ll be getting a PlayStation 3 in a few weeks… a free one, in fact. Yay for “buyer rewards” on the credit card I used to use for all of my work expenses.)

If only judged as a single-player game, Halo 3 is the most overrated game of the year. (more…)