I’m not sure how many of these things I’m going to post; this one in particular is sort of… underdeveloped. Maybe I’ll dig out some of my college stuff. That would be good for a few laughs.

The title for this came from some movie. I saw the name—it’s some Mexican movie I’ve never seen, nor do I know what it’s about… probably something to do with cigarettes—and the first sentence popped into my head. It also has nothing to do with the rest of the piece, so yeah… whatever. (more…)

In today’s edition of “Phiction Phriday,” we have a piece that doesn’t really work, “Wired.” I’ve futzed with it a lot, but I’ve never been happy with it. Warning: Contains lots of whining and bad language. Reader discretion is advised. (more…)

In today’s edition of “Phiction Phriday,” we have “Bittersweet.” Warning: Contains attempts to be like Raymond Carver. Reader discretion is advised. (more…)

There was a time where I fancied myself as some kind of writer-like guy. You know, like fiction writing stuff. I finished off a half-dozen or so short stories—a form I’m particularly fond of—and posted them on my main Manic Pop Thrills website.

I yanked them a while back for some inexplicable reason, so I figured I’d resurrect them for “Phiction Phriday.” They’re not really all that great, but I want to make sure I don’t lose the damn things if a hard drive explodes or something.

So, without further ado, here’s “The Right Thing to Do.” Warning: Contains scenes of sexual content and bad language, and may remind people of “chick lit.” Reader discretion is advised. (more…)